Lacrosse Camps & Clinics

The Lacrosse camp curriculum focus is very broad and will cover:

  • Fundamentals: possession, your stick,your off hand,getting open,attitude and hard work ethic
  • Shooting: left hand and right hand,overhand, side arm, on the run, time and room, improving your angles, off ball movement.
  • Offense: separate from a defender under pressure, develop the proper mechanics to protect your stick as you the the ball on the run, extend the range of your time and room shot, expand the array of shot angles and release points, accelerate the release of the shot.
  • Defense: every aspect of defensive play is covered, including footwork, clearing for defensemen, crease defense, zones, slide packages, man down defense
  • Dodging: bull dodge, face dodge, roll dodge, split dodge, close dodge, and long dodge.

We'll also work on some specialty areas such as face offs. We will be coaching these topics for all the camps and clinics and modified on the length of the camp or clinic and age and skill of the groups.

Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
We feature and build individual plans and will work in small groups to help build NCAA workout programs to improve your strength, speed and agility and overall performance.
Health/Nutrition Plans
We feature and build individual meal plans and educations to help improve your overall health and performance.
Lacrosse Leagues
Coming soon.

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